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You call Best Doctors to discuss your health challenge in confidence. We match your case to the right medical specialist. Our expert makes a recommendation. You make the right decision.
Health insurance
Our Second Opinions are a powerful tool for insurers seeking low-cost, high-value services. By reducing misdiagnoses and inappropriate treatments decrease costs.
Medicine is a complex field, & constantly changing. With so many new advances, it's impossible for one person to stay on top of it all. So patients are turning to us.
Second Opinion Service is a cost-effective means to attract & retain employees, by providing high value service. Empowers employees to manage their health care options.
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When you need us
  • When you are unsure which treatment to choose.
  • When the treatment you are on is not effective..
  • When the condition is further deteriorating with no significant improvement.
  • When the treatment is too risky or toxic.
  • If your participating in a trial for a new drug.
  • When you are about to undergo a major surgery.
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Learn how to securely store your medical records and access them anywhere - at any time. Enjoy online Second Medical Opinion consultations with Indian and Internationally recognized physicians.
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